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CyborgCamp Livestream!

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Crisis Commons/Hurricane Sandy and Wearable Computing Hackathon – Sunday, Nov 4th!

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Join us on Sunday, Nov 4th at 10am at Geoloqi HQ for an all-day Crisis Commons and wearable computing hackathon! This two track hackathon has something for everyone, and we’re excited to host it at Geoloqi HQ!

It’s free! You can participate as an individual or a team. Breakfast and coffee will be available in the morning, and we’ll head to the food carts for lunch.


About the Wearable Computing Hackathon

The wearable computing hackathon is for those comfortable with soldering and working with electronics.

Bring your own equipment

Though we’ll have a Makey Makey, Lilypad Arduino, some soldering irons and other equipment, this hackathon theme is for those more familiar with electronics that have some of their own equipment. We recommend bringing a soldering iron and some kind of kit or electronic components and breadboards at the very least.

Don’t have your own electronic equipment? Join the Crisis Commons Hackathon! (See details below).

About the Crisis Commons Hackathon

Do you want to help with Sandy response? Come design, code, and learn with other people this weekend at CrisisCamp! CrisisCamps are hosted in a barcamp style where great minds come together to share their knowledge and expertise for social good.

Come prepared:
If you’re a developer, make sure your programs are up to date. Learn how github works. Learn about potential projects at There will also be talks by local Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on how technology can be used (and not) in this situations. If you’re a designer or otherwise, come prepared with ideas and help create usable interfaces!

This event is free and open to the public. You don’t have to be technical to volunteer time. Also, you may show up at anytime during the day for as long as you wish – although obviously we will get the most done with the most people there.

CrisisCamps this weekend

Portland, OR, in conjunction with CyborgCamp :
Seattle, WA :
Don’t see your city listed? If you have a venue lined up, ping and we’ll get you set up. Once venues are live, we’ll add them to this list.

About CrisisCamp

CrisisCamp brings together domain experts, developers, and first responders around improving technology and practice for humanitarian crisis management and disaster relief. Each and every day, people across the world can find themselves in crisis. Whether it be for a day, a month or an area of social distress, we all have a common need to connect with loved ones, access information and offer assistance to others.


Update: due to demand we opened an additional 20 slots!


  • Doors open at 10:00am with breakfast and coffee.
  • Coding will stop at 5:30pm, and teams and individuals will demo their apps.
  • Cleanup and after-events. Likely at the Lotus.


Geoloqi HQ
920 SW 3rd Ave #400
Portland, OR 97204

Who Should Attend?

Hardware hackers, Ruby, Python, PHP, web developers, coders, interaction designers, graphic designers and anyone who has a passion to code, hack or conceptualize applications that will free (or otherwise enhance) the accessibility and usefulness of government-shared data or wearable technology.

Wearable Computing Hackathon

Although the sprint takes place on Nov 4th after CyborgCamp Portland, you don’t have to be attending the conference to join us.

Participation is free and open to anyone with an interest in design or coding… we just ask that you register in advance so we know how many we need to accommodate.

Adron Hall to speak on Coding Cyborg Clouds at CyborgCamp Portland 2012!

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Adron Hall

New Speaker!

We’re excited to announce that Adron Hall will be talking about Coding Cyborg Clouds at CyborgCamp Portland 2012!

What’s a Cyborg Cloud? You’ll simply have to attend and see!

Adron is also sponsoring CyborgCamp through his blog, Composite Code.

About Adron Hall

Adron is a jovial, TDD, BDD, get things done well, software architect, engineer, code monkey, coder, cloud advocate, distributed systems junkie. Adron’s brain runs the gamut of dev stacks from Ruby on Rails, Node.js and .NET. I’ll admit a favorite is JavaScript with a dose of Node.js these days. He’s passionate about devops and especially PaaS (Platform as a Service) Technologies. Adron loves to get involved in hackathons, user groups, and other tech community events.

You can follow Adron at @adron on Twitter.

Composite Code

Community through Capitalism, a Personal Take on Cybernetic Management

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New Speaker Announcement!

Portland Oregon’s Mike Merrill is a unique individual. He is the world’s only publicly traded person. What does this mean? It means that Mr. Merrill’s life is directed by his shareholders, and you can buy stock in him and vote on his future at This means that his life and his life story is entangled in a cybernetic control loop of sorts. Because of this, Mr. Merrill will be giving a talk on Community through Capitalism, a Personal Take on Cybernetic Management.

Speech Overview

Norbert Wiener defined cybernetics as the study of regulation, control and communications in life forms and the machine. In a business context, such an approach helps managers understand and deal with complex situations. Mike Merrill argues that what works for business also works for the individual. He is a publicly-traded person that allows his shareholders to guide him through the complex situations in his own life. Complex personal decisions about things like procreation, professional affiliations, volunteer work, politics, and even his dating life are controlled by people who purchased a stake in his future.

About Mr. Merrill

Just as a person might say their parents want the best for them and are invested in their future, Mike Merrill’s parents are literally invested. As are co-workers, ex-girlfriends, and his community of friends and collaborators. And a handful of strangers. Mike Merrill has been a publicy-traded person since 2008 and a fan of applying the principles of business to his personal life since long before that. He is struggling to read Stafford Beer’s Cybernetics and Management writing up a Relationship Contract with the girl he is seeing.

Invest in Mr. Merrill!

You can invest in Mr. Merrill at or follow him on Twitter at @kmikeym.

Kyle Drake – Bitcoin, the Cyberpunk Cryptocurrency Unconference Session

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New Speaker Announcement!

We’re excited to have Geoloqi platform engineer Kyle Drake give a deep dive into Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and the past and future of money.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is touted for its many improvements to traditional currency. It is easy to transfer, requires no central authority to administer, works across political boundaries, and is easy to use.

But beyond the practical niceties and technical implementation details is the true intention of its pseudonymous inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, who has now vanished and is unwilling to tell his story. Bitcoin is trying to solve a much larger problem: the flaws of present-day centralized currencies that lead to economic instability.

The Future of Cryptocurrencies and Money

But will it work? In this talk, Drake will demystify currency and delve into the fundamentals of economic exchange. I will discuss how currencies work, what gives them their value, some of their flaws, and how these flaws manifest themselves in our world. Drake will discuss how decentralized cryptocurrencies propose to solve these problems, the rearchitecture of our economic lives that would happen if we used them for everything, and their potential flaws.

About Kyle Drake

Kyle Drake is a platform engineer at Geoloqi, Inc. He’s into Startups, Software Engineering, Economics, Bitcoin, GIS, and Low Power Radio. Want to ask Kyle any questions before his talk? Follow him at @kyledrake or visit his website at

Dann Stayskal and Jill Burrows to talk on Computer-Aided Synaesthesia

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What’s it like to be Synaesthetic?

Dann Stayskal is polymodally synaesthetic. He sees sound and hears light (among other crossed modalities). Superpowers is an app he’s been kicking around for a few years: an app simulates for other people what it’s like to have this form of synaesthesia that unifies hearing and vision.

Programmed Synaesthesia

Using a camera and a microphone, Superpowers pulls in a/v data, cross-modulates it (thankfully Dann’s form of synaesthesia is fairly mathematically straightforward to model), then outputs it through a display and some speakers.

The purpose of this short 20 minute lightning talk will be to demonstrate how cyborg tech can bridge people’s sensory experience cross-modally.

Try it Out!

Superhuman will be demoed CyborgCamp on an Android device (or failing that, Dann’s laptop) paired with a head-mounted display. Come check it out! Until then, you can follow @danndalf and @jburrows.

Bret Burnhoft to Podcast CyborgCamp Portland 2012

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We’re happy to announce that Bret Bernhoft will be podcasting CyborgCamp Portland 2012! If you’d like to do a quick recording with him, simply catch his attention at the conference! He’ll be putting all of the materials up on a special CyborgCamp media site after the conference is over.

About Bret

Bret Bernhoft is a podcaster living in Portland Oregon. He started tinkering with media in 2007 as a hobby, but today it is a professional commitment. He is currently working on The Portland Media Documentary which tells the story of the changes in Portland Media between 2009 and 2011. For more information visit

Get ready for CyborgCamp Portland 2012! Nov 3rd from 9:30Am-6Pm

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CyborgCamp is Back!

Our last event in 2010 was a big hit, and it’s time to do it again! This year’s CyborgCamp will be a full day of conference and unconference sessions, fun, food and great people together to talk about the future of humans and technology. Three scheduled speakers will give talks on biomedical engineering, cybernetic control systems and the stock market, and quantified self. The rest of the day will be unconference sessions. Full details will be announced soon!

What is CyborgCamp?

CyborgCamp is an unconference about the future of the relationship between humans and technology. We’ll discuss topics such as social media, design, code, inventions, web 2.0, twitter, the future of communication, cyborg technology, anthropology, psychology, and philosophy.


CyborgCamp Portland 2012 will be from Saturday, November 3, 2012 from 9:30am–6pm (calagator link).


Geoloqi HQ
920 SW 3rd Ave #400
Portland, Oregon 97204, US (map)

Tickets Available Now! Capacity is 60 at Geoloqi HQ.

Ticket Price

Event is $12 to cover breakfast and lunch. Scholarship tickets are available upon request.

Want to Speak, Volunteer or Sponsor?

Contact @caseorganic for more details and to volunteer, speak or sponsor.

CyborgCamp 2010 is Over!

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Thanks so much to everyone who came to CyborgCamp! The tickets completely sold out and the conference was packed with amazing people. Thanks especially to Doc Normal and his crew for an epic livestream of the entire event. They are now working on video files of all of the conference sessions in the main room.

Thank you.

Be sure to check out podcaster Bret Bernhoft’s Official CyborgCamp Media Mini Series. It has short podcasts with most of the CyborgCamp speakers, some audience members, and photos and videos too.  Thanks to Bret for his hard work and fast turnaround!

CyborgCamp could not have happened without you. Whether you attended, volunteered, sponsored or spoke, you made the event great for everyone else. Thank you so much for your time, for attending, and for adding your brain to the event.

I’d like to thank the core team as individually as possible:


Perry Wagle
Becky Washington
Nate Angell
Julie Baumler
Reid Beels
Dan Gartman
Mark Dilley
Don Park
Audrey Watters
Tyler Gillies
Nathan DiNiro
Zach Moser
Micky Matthews
Whitney Walker


Marshall Kirkpatrick
Tyler Sticka
Mathew Lippincott
Sally Applin
Max Ogden
David Molnar
Willow Brugh
P. Mark Anderson


Robot Geek
Longbottom Coffee and Tea, Inc.
Spring Creek Coffee House


Livestreaming – Doc Normal and Team
Podcasting and Video – Brett Bernhoft
Abraham Hyatt – ReadWriteWeb
Rick Turoczy – Silicon Florist
Ron Knox – Willamette Week


Mark Colman
Daniel Root

Phone Giveaway

Josh Marinacci, Palm

Medonis Engineering

Maxwell the Robot

Tropo Open Gov Hackathon Team

Jason Goecke
Chris Matthieu

City of Portland

Rick Nixon
Skip Newberry

In conclusion

I forgot a lot of things, and I’d like to know how to make this conference better in the future. What did you like? What did you miss? Is there anything you’d like to see in the future? Let us know. We’ll try to incorporate it into the conference in the future!

Image credit: Mark Colman Photo

CyborgCamp is Live

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  • When is CyborgCamp?

    Pre-party at NedSpace Downtown (920 SW 3rd Ave First Floor) - Fri, Nov 2nd, 6:00pm-9:00pm
    Conference - Sat, Nov 3rd, 9:30am - 6:00pm at Geoloqi HQ (920 SW 3rd Ave Fourth Floor)
    Wearable Computing Hackathon @Geoloqi HQ - Sun, Nov 4th, 10:00am - 6:30pm
  • Where is CyborgCamp?

    Geoloqi HQ - 920 SW 3rd Ave #400, Portland, OR 97204
  • What is CyborgCamp?

    CyborgCamp is an unconference about the future of the relationship between humans and technology. We’ll discuss topics such as social media, design, code, inventions, web 2.0, twitter, the future of communication, cyborg technology, anthropology, psychology, and philosophy.

Thanks to our great sponsors!

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